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Monthly Giving to St James’s Hospital

Monthly Giving to St James’s Hospital

Monthly giving

Make a Monthly Donation to St James’s Hospital


There are so many great reasons to make a monthly donation to St James’s Hospital.  By giving a manageable amount each month, your support continues to grow and allows us to make a difference to our patients.  Monthly giving is an easy way to support St James’s and once set up, you don’t need to think about it again.


With your support, St James’s Hospital can continue to:

  • Buy needed equipment for our wards, everything from physio equipment through to specialised chairs, to make our patients more comfortable during their stay
  • Work with the hospital facilities team, to up-grade various areas in the hospital with the greatest need.  In 2017 we supported the new seating and painting for Accident and Emergency waiting room.  Over the years we have invested up-grades in wards across the hospital



monthly giving

What Could You Give Each Month?


When deciding on how much to give, remember when we all come together and give a little, ultimate we can give a lot, which makes a real difference to patients, their families and staff at St James’s.


You can give whatever amount that works for you, but if you can give a minimum of €21 per month, that means we can receive up to €117 back from the Revenue Commissioners, through the charity tax back arrangements.  This costs you nothing! All you have to do is send us back this very short form with some very basic details.


Download the Tax Relief Form

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Monthly giving