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In Memory Donations

Please accept our sincerest condolences if you have experienced a bereavement. Thank you for thinking of St James’s Hospital at this time.


Making an in-memory donation


Your donation in memory of a loved one, will go towards patient care, clinical research and/or education at St James’s Hospital.  If you are making a donation, you can state what area of the hospital that you want this donation to go to and we your donation will be used for these purposes.


You can make a donation:

  • Online –  please click here and you will be taken to our In Memory donation page, or you can click the large donate button on this page.
  • By cheque/PO – to St James’s Hospital Foundation, St James’s Hospital, James’s Street, Dublin 8
  • Details for donating through bank transfer can be downloaded here.
  • You can always call us for any assistance on 01 – 428 4086 or email

Donations in lieu of flowers


If you are arranging a funeral or a memorial service, you may want to ask people to donate to St James’s Hospital instead of giving flowers.  We can provide ‘in memory’ donation envelopes which can be placed at the church or in the home. You can then send any donations received into our office at your convenience. Sometimes the funeral directors will send through these donations directly to the foundation.  If you would like the In Memory envelopes, please call 01-428 4086 or email


If you want to make an online donation now, please click here.

In Memory donation envelopes and forms

Tribute Fund


You could set up a tribute fund in memory of a loved one or a friend. This means that at any time a donation could be made into this fund, which family and friends might like to do on an anniversary.  You or your friends may hold some fundraising events in the future for St James’s Hospital, and the money could go into this tribute fund.  The proceeds from the tribute fund would go directly to your chosen area of the hospital’s work.  If you wish to discuss setting up a tribute fund, you can contact Clodagh Memery on 01 – 410 3986 or email