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VHI VIRTUAL Women’s Mini Marathon 2020



The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, an annual 10K charity road race, usually occurs each June bank holiday weekend in Dublin and is the largest Women’s event of its kind in the world. Due to restrictions from the Covid19 crisis, this year’s event is going virtual and will take place from the 1st – 10th October. Will you be joining us this year?


More than ever, St James’s Hospital needs your support.


Your participation in the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon helps us to provide much needed comforts and additional facilities for patients throughout the hospital and it is deeply appreciated.


You can fundraise for Breast Cancer, Gynae Cancer, Cancer Research, Lung Cancer, Cancer Care, ICU, or any ward, department or speciality of your choice.


Why not get sponsorship by the kilometre or even the mile, from friends, family, neighbours and colleagues – even your old pals on Facebook will help you out!



The very first Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon will invite everyone to live life to the #Powerof10 – 10k, 10 days, €10 million!

  • 10k
  • 10 Days – Complete it between 1 October to 10 October
  • Help raise €10 million for Irish charities (including St James’s Hospital!)

We want you to do it your way. With friends (following social distance guidelines), in your garden, in one go, or maybe you’d prefer to spread the distance over a few days. – you decide! We can’t be together, but we want to celebrate your achievements together with you over social media, so we would love you to keep in touch to share your videos and photos and stories from your training, fundraising and on the day itself.


Step 1

Registration for the VHI VIRTUAL Mini Marathon is open now (costs only €10 including a medal and t-shirt)


Step 2

Fundraise for St James’s Hospital – Sign up for your fundraising pack here


or contact Laura: wmm@supportstjames.ie




Choosing your route:

We strongly recommend that participants take part in a venue close to your home. Our best recommendation of a route begins at your own front door. If that is not possible, check out a local park or green space which is both safe and accessible. Take note if there are any special times slotted out for vulnerable and older members of our community and pick your time accordingly.


Alternatively –

Loop in your garden– Have you the good fortune to have some space that you could lap your garden? Many of us have a tracker of some sort which can help measure the distance and how many loops make 10k! Take care, wear appropriate footwear, and consider changing direction occassionally.

Walk around your block– Venture further and walk in blocks, finding a suitable path to take. Let your neighbours know and you might even drum up some socially distant supporters.

Take the stairs?– Anyone fancy climbing their 10k? Maybe your route is around your kitchen table. Let us know how you’ll be doing your 10k your way.


Please visit the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon website for all the guidelines and FAQ