Trinity students MED Day supports St. James's once again | St. James's Hospital Foundation Trinity students MED Day supports St. James's once again | St. James's Hospital Foundation

Trinity students MED Day supports St. James’s once again

Trinity Med Day will take place on Friday, November 1st and the students of the college’s medical school will take to the streets to pick the pockets of Dubliners in the good cause of their teaching hospitals. Two of the beneficiaries of the students’ annual collection will be the cancer service at St. James’s and The National Burns Unit.

Trinity College Dublin, Med-Day
Trinity College Dublin, Med-Day

About 500 Trinity College medical students will be on the streets of Dublin on November 1st between 7 am and lunchtime to undertake this major street collection. In addition to the street collection, the students will also undertake other fundraising activities on campus including a talent show and a raffle and a bake sale. Aviva Healthcare, Lundbeck and Leo Pharma are among the day’s generous sponsors.

Funds received from Trinity Med Day in connection with the cancer service will be used to support a pilot study that will be conducted by Dr Stephen Finn to provide early access testing for critically ill patients with late stage lung cancer as an initial step towards allowing this testing to be provided for all cancer patients. St. James’s is the largest single provider of cancer treatment in Ireland and is the largest national centre for radiotherapy service. A major new government funded Cancer Care Centre and Radiation Oncology Centre is now open on the site and a facility for PET imaging for advanced patient diagnosis is open – the first such facility within a public hospital in Ireland.

Funds received in connection with The National Burns Unit will be used to develop the unit to directly improve care for burn injured patients – recognising the need to rehabilitate and reintegrate patients treated, and the need to provide care in an environment which facilitates the role played by relatives and carers in this process, and which engages and enhances this interaction and support. Odhran Shelley, director of The National Burns Unit, says: “Anyone can get a burn – and it is truly devastating and an awful experience for people. We care for our patients and we want to provide a state of the art facility that will enable the most advanced care available – that will return patients’ lives to them again and that will restore their future aspirations and that will provide inspiration to others.”

For more information about Trinity Med Day, please visit www.tcdmedday.com.