Trinity Med Day 2016 in aid of ICU | St. James's Hospital Foundation Trinity Med Day 2016 in aid of ICU | St. James's Hospital Foundation

Trinity Med Day 2016 in aid of ICU

Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD, launched this year’s Trinity Med Day.


On Friday 4th November over 600 medical students from Trinity College Dublin will take to the streets of Dublin for a day of fundraising in aid of worthy causes in a number of Dublin hospitals, including St. James’. This annual event, known as Trinity Med Day, has raised over €500,000 since its’ inception in 2002, with in excess of €50,000 raised last year alone. A variety of events will take place on the day itself, from bake sales, to bucket collections to talent shows, but all have the common goal of raising as much money as possible for the chosen hospital departments.


This year, Trinity Med Day will focus on the purchasing of new electric beds for ICU at St James’s. In addition, they will also support our Physiotherapy and Vascular Surgery Departments.


Critical Care:

We hope to provide enough funds to enable the purchasing of up to ten new beds for the unit, which should help to improve outcomes for the most critically ill patients in the hospital.



The physiotherapy department in St. James’ sees a vast array of patients, from amputees, to patients with burn injuries, to patients with respiratory and cardiac conditions, to mention but a few. There is a need for improved and up to date equipment in the unit. We hope to finance the purchasing of new equipment for the department, with the hope that this will improve the rehabilitation of the large number of patients who avail of these services.


Vascular Surgery:

Maintaining normal blood pressure is an important part of the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. Patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure through the use of a 24 hour blood pressure monitor. We hope to fund the purchasing of two such monitors for the vascular department. Another important aspect of the treatment is maintaining an exercise routine. We also hope to fund the purchasing of 200 pedometers, which are shown to improve patient activity levels, and therefore outcomes.


For more information on Trinity Med Day visit www.tcdmedday.com

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