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St James’s Day Fundraiser

Will you help us to care for homeless & vulnerable patients?


St James’s Day is our annual fundraising day in July. This year we are celebrating on July 26th and money raised will go to the Social Work Department’s patient support fund.


This fund enables patients to receive items essential for their dignity and well- being during their hospital stay and on discharge. In many cases the clothing is required urgently if the patient has no clothing or access to clean clothing.


Please support our St James’s Day appeal and help our Social Work Team help our most vulnerable patients.


How can you support us?

DONATE NOW– Make an online donation now or find out other ways to donate

St James’s Hospital is committed to ensuring all our patients are comfortable in our wards and can get the items they need. Sometimes our homeless patients walk out of the wards and leave the hospital, as they may feel stigmatised and embarrassed by not having the appropriate clothes.


We are asking you to help our homeless and vulnerable patients.  We need the funding to purchase the basic items of clothing, new pyjamas, underwear, deodorants and personal hygiene products, to make sure that we have sufficient items for our patients.  We want to help our patients to complete their treatments and get well.  Please help us make a real impact today.