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GUIDE Clinic -6 Questions for Dr. Dominic Rowley

Dr. Dominic Rowley tells us about working in the GUIDe Clinic and why he is asking people to take part in this year’s Liberties Fun Run in aid of the clinic.


1. What’s your role in the GUIDe Clinic?

I am a consultant in Genito Urinary Medicine. I cover all elements of sexual health including STI’s, genital skin problems, female pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction and urinary tract symptoms. A major part of my role is care of patients with HIV.


2. What are the challenges facing sexual health services today?

Every STI is on the rise (worryingly) including HIV infections for the 1st time in many years. It wouldn’t be dramatic to say that there is an epidemic of STI’s at present. The main challenge that I see is that patients don’t stand up for their rights and shout loudly enough for their cause. There is also a challenge in terms of securing funding.


3. Why are you asking people to do the Liberties Fun Run?

On a basic level, I finished my training in Australia last year and started working at the GUIDe Clinic here at St. James’s Hospital. I was really humbled and struck by how hard the staff work in poor conditions. The working environment and patient experience does need to be improved. New toilets would be the most basic of the essential works to be done and the most instant appreciable difference to patient’s experience.

4. What difference will fundraising make to the staff/ patients @ GUIDe?

The GUIDe clinic is the only speciality in St James’s Hospital that requires all patients to use the toilet where they provide intimate swabs. Funds from the Liberties Fun Run would mean that we could have hygienic, private facilities for patients.


5. Who inspires you?

The unspoken heroes of the team who take pride in their job. They might do their job quietly and they get the job done


6. You are hosting a dinner party and must invite 3 famous people (dead or alive!). Who will you invite?

Oscar Wilde

Whitney Houston

David Norris