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Research Updates

Research Updates

Translational Cancer Research


Translational cancer research is a key platform linking St. James’s Hospital and Trinity College Dublin. This is greatly enabled by the proximity of the hospital to the Cancer Research Laboratories on the same campus. This allows for a much more effective engagement between research and front-line care.


By donating to Target Lung Cancer, you are supporting the clinical research capability of St. James’s Hospital.


Internationally, the move to formalise the translational process has led to the strategic formation of specialised Institutes of Translational Medicine to develop and validate clinically relevant biomarkers with the support of industrial and academic collaborators.


The translational research program of the Thoracic Oncology Research Group focuses on the identification of new prognostic/predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets to improve treatment options for lung cancer patients. Ongoing projects include elucidating mechanisms of resistance to (i) targeted therapies and (ii) chemotherapy. Further clinical studies comparing cfDNA, CTCs and biopsy tissue for detection of multiple gene mutations, by next-generation sequencing (IonTorrent) technology, are highlighting the importance of the liquid biopsy in cancer diagnosis and treatment.


A research collaboration with Inflection Biosciences Ltd an Irish company developing targeted small molecule treatments for cancer, examines the effectiveness of a panel of the company’s targeted kinase inhibitors in the treatment of thoracic malignancy. In particular, solid tumours that have become resistant to other forms of treatment. This collaboration has been shortlisted for the Irish Pharma Awards 2015.