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CT Scanner Appeal -Head and Heart Project

CT Scanner Appeal -Head and Heart Project at St James’s Hospital Dublin

Cardiovascular disease remains the biggest killer in Ireland, with heart attack and strokes together, accounting for 42% of all mortality in adults.  These deaths are frequently premature and often preventable.  Currently, two-thirds of men presenting with heart attacks, already have underlying cardiac damage.  Many strokes also come without warning.


Our ‘Head and Heart’ approach focuses on the complex interplay between cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, with a view to initiating treatments which improve life outcomes and quality of life experience.


Our success in this critical role depends upon acute access to scanning facilities, which in turn allows our team to make more rapid diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and thereby take earlier intervention.  The dedicated state-of-the-art CV scanner would allow early discovery of diseases that are prevalent in the community, but which are eminently preventable, if detected early, thus allowing better life quality in the ageing population.


We are now urgently building a fund of €1.4m to allow the purchase of a new CT scanner to give faster access to more patients with cardiovascular disease and at risk of stroke.  All donations, no matter what size, are welcomed towards achieving this goal.

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Head and heart
Dylan Byrne, Cardiac patient and Dr Ross Murphy, consultant cardiologist at St. James's Hospital

Mr Dylan Byrne, heart patient at St James’s Hospital, with Dr Ross Murphy, consultant cardiologist.