Gynae Cancer Care receives €60,000 towards new surgical equipment | St. James's Hospital Foundation Gynae Cancer Care receives €60,000 towards new surgical equipment | St. James's Hospital Foundation

Gynae Cancer Care receives €60,000 towards new surgical equipment

Gynae Cancer Care receives €60,000 towards new surgical equipment

Emer Casey Foundation Announces Donation of €60,000 to Gynae Cancer Care at St. James’s Hospital to celebrate World Ovarian Cancer Day


8TH May 2017: St. James’s Hospital and the Emer Casey Foundation today marked World Ovarian Cancer Day 2017, by celebrating the Emer Casey Foundation’s donation of €60,000 towards the purchase of much needed surgical equipment at the hospital. On World Ovarian Day, St. James’s hosted a seminar focusing on quality of life and survivorship in Gynaecological cancer care. Speakers included Juliette Casey, Founder of The Emer Casey Foundation, Dr. Gleeson, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, St. James’s and a patient of Dr Gleeson Audrey Tynan, who shared her personal experience of living with lymphedema.


This seminar is one of several events happening across the country to mark World Ovarian Cancer Day.  St. James’s Hospital and the Emer Casey Foundation are inviting clinicians, scientists, and to discuss the issue of quality of survivorship.


Dr Noreen Gleeson, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist at St. James’s Hospital, the largest provider in the Republic of Ireland of treatment for malignancy of the reproductive organs, including ovarian cancer, said; “We are extremely grateful for this generous donation from the Emer Casey Foundation that will be used towards the running of Gynaecological Cancer Care in St. James’s. Our current major fund-raising effort focuses on a laparoscopic / key hole surgery device that allows surgeons to be more selective in the removal of lymph nodes, through which cancer spreads, from the pelvis.


The current standard surgery, removing all the lymph nodes inside the pelvis interferes with the flow of fluid in the lymph circulation from the legs and genitalia.  As a result, some women develop very debilitating health problems like swelling of their legs or genitalia  (lymphoedema) or recurring infection  (lymphangitis), and  even sepsis as a result of the complete removal of the lymph nodes. 


With newer technology, we, as surgeons, are better able to target the `’correct’ nodes; those most likely to harbour the cancer cells.  This results in women healing faster, spending less time in hospital, and less likely to develop long term disability. Reducing the side effects of staging surgery is very important because these side effects can be lifelong for the patient. This donation will go a long way in delivering this vital piece of technology.”


Juliette Casey, Founder of the Emer Casey Foundation said: “The Emer Casey Foundation was established following the death of my youngest sister, Emer, of ovarian/uterine cancer in 2006 when she was aged only 28. Since then, our Foundation has been working to fund research into ovarian/uterine cancer, to raise standards of care and to raise awareness of the disease. We are delighted to be in a position to part-fund this important piece of surgical equipment for the hospital and hope it can benefit the hundreds of women who attend the clinic each year.”


Clodagh Memery, Director of Philanthropy at St James’s Hospital Foundation, said: “We would like to sincerely thank the Emer Casey Foundation for their generous donation  in helping part-fund this surgical equipment.  . We are actively fundraising to secure the additional €60,000 required to purchase this equipment. We are reliant on the kind donations of foundations such as the Emer Casey Foundation, individuals, communities and companies.  In particular, we want to thank all the women who are participating in this year’s VHI Women’s Mini-Marathon, and fundraising for our gynae cancer care services.


The donation will go half way to funding the equipment. A further €60,000 is needed. To make a donation, please visit click on our donate button, and choose gynae cancer care.  If you would like to discuss making a donation, please call us on 01 428 4086 or email ask@supportstjames.ie


Pictured from left to right were: Lorcan Birthistle, CEO St. James’s Hospital, Andrea Tynan, patient, Dr Noreen Gleeson, with the family of Emer Casey; Juliette Casey (mother), Juliette Casey (sister- also Juliette) and Brendan Casey, (father).