Gynaecological Cancer Care Appeal I St. James's Hospital Gynaecological Cancer Care Appeal I St. James's Hospital

Gynaecological Cancer Appeal

Gynaecological Cancer Appeal

Eight Reasons to support Gynaecological Cancer at St James’s


  • Ovarian, uterine (womb), cervix and other gynaecological cancers are among the most common cancers to affect women.
  • The incidence of each of these cancers is higher and the survival rates are lower in Ireland compared to the European average.
  • St James’s Hospital  is a designated Gynaecological Cancer Centre since 2013.
  • We treat 350-400 gynaecological cancers per year. This represents almost one third of the gynaecological cancers in the Republic of Ireland.
  • The department is committed to the care of women who are diagnosed with or at risk of gynaecological cancer.
  • We perform more than 500 major surgeries each year and we also do many surgeries to prevent cancer in women at risk.
  • We work closely with other specialties including radiotherapy, medical oncology (chemotherapy) and medical genetics.
  • We believe that research is an integral part of cancer care. Research is a priority to improve the prevention, early detection, treatment and outcomes of gynaecological cancers. Our research focuses on both the clinical care and basic science of the cancers.

Our aim is to improve patient care using an integrated program of clinical and laboratory research

We urgently need donations to invest in equipment and scientists, so we can advance our research.

Current Research


Our research at St James’s Hospital, in partnership with Trinity College Dublin covers clinical research, laboratory research, the development and maintenance of our gynaecological cancer bio-bank, and the development of bio-makers leading to personalised treatment for ovarian cancer and more research projects. You can read about these in detail by clicking through on the research tabs below and in our Clinicial Research updates here.


Donating to Gynaecological Cancer


We need donations to support our research programme and in doing so, support our patients.  All gifts, no matter what size, are important to us.  You can make a donation as a private individual or as a business. If you have any queries, please contact ask@supportstjames.ie or phone 01428 4086


There are many ways that you can get involved and make a difference to the lives of many women and their families and friends.  If you would like to run a fundraising event or collect sponsorship for an activity such as the women’s mini-marathon, please contact laura@supportstjames.ie

Expansion of Biobank

The Gynaecological cancer biobank contains frozen tissue and blood samples from over 1,000 patients. The biobank has no ongoing source of funding. We would like to continue this work and extend the biobank to include specific dedicated research paraffin embedded blocks which would be prepared by St. James’s Pathology department. We would also like to include extracted RNA and DNA in our biobank. This would require additional resources beyond the available current funding.

Equipment to enhance the care of women with cancer

The most modern tools and appliances are needed to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. We have used funds received previously to furnish a family room adjacent to the gynaecology ward, the purchase of ice machines and fans for the ward and ultrasound machines for outpatients clinics.


Previous funds have been applied to:


  • A family room adjacent to the gynaecology ward
  • The purchase of ice machines and fans for the ward
  • ultrasound machines for outpatients clinics
  • Theatre equipment for key hole surgery and sentinel node mapping


Other partners / contributors:

  • Emer Casey Foundation
  • Trinity Med Day