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Frontline Appeal

Frontline Appeal

Support St James’s Hospital 


Please support our frontline healthcare staff and the patients they care for at St James’s Hospital.


Our health care professionals at St James’s go above and beyond to care for the lives of their patients and the communities they serve for the better.


With the challenges brought on over the past year by the Covid19 crisis, St James’s Hospital needs your support more than ever. The needs of the hospital, staff and patients are rapidly changing as they adapt to this evolving COVID-19 crisis.


Your donation will support St James’s Hospital and our frontline staff and will fund resources and equipment to support the work of our doctors, nurses, researchers and allied healthcare staff.


From the smallest things to help staff and patients, to essential resources to keep up the fight, your donation will help us battle Covid19 and save lives.


Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.
Here are just some examples of what we have purchased/funded with thanks to your donations throughout the Covid19 Crisis:
Psychological support for frontline staff, wellness programme for frontline staff, Therapy apps for speech & language to complete work with communication impaired patients during pandemic, rehab equipment and oximeters for Covid Wards and Sara Stedy aid for frail patients, SJH Small Grants Scheme (projects & initiatives led by staff for patient comfort and care), a picnic bench for frontline staff, equipment such as microwave/dishwasher for staff, tablet devices and stands for various wards so patients can contact their families, lunches for frontline staff, toiletries and tea & coffee supplies for frontline staff, Pjs and nightgowns, magazines, newspapers and books for patients, facemasks, watercooler for ICU, handcreams, facemists and hand mirrors for Covid patients, dumbbells for ICU and clothing for vulnerable patients.
Thank you again for your support.


Please consider donating what you can online now:

For other ways to donate (e.g. by phone, post etc) please visit: https://www.supportstjames.ie/ways-to-donate/


Thank you so much for your support.