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Chemotherapy Robot – Cancer Appeal

Chemotherapy Robot – Cancer Appeal

Did you know that there are over 40,000 people diagnosed with Cancer in Ireland each year? It is a massive number but behind each of these numbers is someone’s mother, father, sister or brother living with cancer.


Here at St. James’s Hospital, we have the largest cancer centre in the country and we treat more cancers than any other hospital in Ireland. Many of these patients require chemotherapy at some point through their cancer journey. With your help, their journey can be safer and quicker.


This year, we are fundraising for Ireland’s first ever Chemotherapy Compounding Robot. This state-of-the-art technology in the fight against cancer automates the process of preparing chemotherapy for patients, allowing greater and more consistent accuracy whilst freeing up staff to become more patient focused. Will you help us?


What can you do to help?

We are asking the community to support our hospital and to make donations big or small to St James’s Hospital Foundation. You can donate now HERE


If you would like to fundraise to raise vital funds for this appeal, contact jamie@supportstjames.ie / call 083 477 7370


Thank you to all our donors, grateful patients, their families and friends and our corporate supporters who have supported our Cancer Appeal so far.



How much will it cost?

The Robot will cost €800,000 and we have already raised over €400,000 to date. Your donation will help us get closer to delivering this incredible piece of equipment.

Why Support St James’s Hospital?

St James’s Hospital treats more cancers than any other hospital in Ireland. The Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute is creating Ireland’s only Comprehensive Cancer Centre already accredited by the OECI. We are uniquely positioned to bring Ireland’s contribution in the fight against cancer to a new level –helping to prevent it, diagnose it early, cure it, and if not, control it.

Patient Stories

Thank you so much to our Cancer Patients who have shared their cancer journey stories with us. If you would like to share your story, contact laura@supportstjames.ie 

    Key Benefits of the Equipment:

  • St James’s Hospital will be the first hospital in Ireland to have an Aseptic Compounding Robot and St James’s will become a reference and learning site for other hospitals.
  • The Robot will be consistent – using a different type of technology called gravimetric technology, the robot will no longer require human manual checks, allowing greater and consistent accuracy for our patients. Chemotherapy is toxic to staff so this self-sterilising robot will also protect staff by minimising handling of products.
  • The robot will allow for increased ability to take on clinical trials which is of benefit to patients now and into the future as research will increase our knowledge and ability to treat cancer.
  • It currently takes 3 to 4 months to train a new staff member to prepare chemotherapy treatments. The robot will require only one staff member to operate it and will perform up to 80% of the daily activity of the team who currently prepare chemotherapy for our patients. This will increase capacity whilst also freeing up staff to become more patient focused and allow more involvement of staff in clinical trials.
  • The robot will revolutionise production of chemotherapy from our Pharmacy Department which currently produces 100 individual chemotherapy treatments for patients per day. Cancer diagnosis are increasing ever year and we are treating more patients in our hospital. Having a robot means that we can continue to treat these increasing numbers
  • The robot will be able to provide chemotherapy closer to the time when it is needed, thereby reducing wastage. Currently, staff work up to 7 days ahead of time, which can lead to wastage as patient’s clinical condition, and therefore doses can change, thus it is better to prepare doses as close to the administration date and time as possible.
  • This equipment will reduce reliance on external suppliers. At the moment, if the hospital is short staffed, we purchase compounded products (Chemotherapy) from external suppliers. We currently outsource 12% but at times we have reached over 30% in recent years. This ensures reliability and consistency of supply.
  • The robot will prevent repetitive strain injuries to staff, a frequent issue in compounding units. This will facilitate in consistent staffing levels in a safer work environment.
  • St James’s Hospital is moving towards becoming a digital campus. The Robot will ensure a smooth transition from paper to electronic data for prescriptions and record keeping.