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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Sandra Grant – A Patient’s Story


In 2009, Sandra was admitted to St James’s Hospital through the emergency department, suffering from multiple seizures. She was in a critical condition due to extreme and persistent seizures. Sandra had never experienced such seizures before and for Sandra and her family this was a most unexpected and frightening time.


St. James's Hospital patient stories

Katie Cooke – A Patient’s Story


Katie Cooke suffers with a chronic focal epilepsy and consequently has around fifteen seizures every 24 hours.  Whilst this could bring huge limitations to Katie’s quality of life, she keeps moving forward.  Katie is a runner and through her love of running she now studies Fitness Instruction at Sallynoggin Community College. She has just received merits and distinctions for year one of her course and completed her Leaving Certificate in 2016.


Katie Cooke takes part in the SSE Airtricity