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Brain Disease Research

Brain Disease Research

Research and Brain Disease at St James’s Hospital


Prevalence of Brain Disease in Ireland

Nationally about 6-8% of the population suffer from serious chronic neurological disorders such as epilepsy, stroke, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumours and secondary brain cancers, neuropathies, HIV related neurological complaints, muscle diseases, developmental disorders.


A further 10-15% have a range of more subtle but nonetheless troubling neurological complaints such as migraine, tension headache, specific learning deficits, chronic pain and chronic concussion.


Over 80,000 patients (16% of all emergency admissions) are admitted to acute hospitals in Ireland every year with acute neurological problems such as stroke, seizure, acute headache, meningitis, encephalitis, limb weakness, falls; many of these will join the ranks of the chronically disabled.


Research Activities


The brain disease service has strong connections with Trinity College Dublin and all team members are expected to contribute to ongoing research and innovation. There are several large scale projects with national and international collaborators ongoing in:


  1. Brain imaging in Epilepsy: Acute and Chronic
  2. Genetics of Epilepsy (collaborations with UK, US and RCSI)
  3. Pathways of emergency care in seizures
  4. Ambulatory care in Epilepsy (new methods of virtual care; (Collaborations with RCSI)
  5. Patient centred care: what do we mean by this (Collaborations with University of Maynooth)
  6. Fronto-temporal dementia genetics and imaging (Collaborations with RCSI and European centres)
  7. HIV related cognitive impairment
  8. Sports Related Concussion (collaborations with US)
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