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Fundraising Appeals

Fundraising Appeals

This year, St James’s Hospital Foundation are fundraising for Ireland’s first ever Chemotherapy Compounding Robot, cutting-edge technology in the fight against cancer. The robot automates the process of preparing chemotherapy for patients, allowing greater and more consistent accuracy whilst freeing up staff to become more patient focused.

We are fundraising to create a much-needed healing garden for our patients, visitors and staff here at St James’s Hospital.

We need your help to raise €100,000 as we want to create a special space, an oasis of tranquillity, to help relieve the anxiety and stress often experienced by those with serious illness and to create a welcoming place of calm for our visitors and staff

Please support our frontline healthcare staff and the patients they care for at St James’s Hospital.

Our health care professionals at St James’s go above and beyond to care for the lives of their patients and the communities they serve for the better.

With the challenges brought on by the Covid 19 crisis, our healthcare superheroes need your support more than ever.

This appeal is to raise vital funding to support our world leading clinical research into lung cancer, and improvements to patient care.




Our aim is to improve patient care using an integrated programme of clinical and laboratory research.  Ireland has the highest incidence of ovarian, cervical and related cancers but survival rates are lower than the European average.

We are raising €80,000 for the Cardiology Department at St. James’s Hospital to support their minimally invasive heart surgery programme. With your generous help, we aim to fund specialist equipment.

The Brave appeal seeks donations for a programme of genetics research and genetics based diagnostics. Donations will support people who are also identified at high risk of hereditary breast cancer.

We want to make a major shift in our clinical care by developing a new form of space for patients – The Brain Disease Centre.

We are asking for your help as we fundraise to support our cancer patients and the work of our staff at St James’s Hospital.

Your donations are vital and help us to purchase equipment, create and furnish family rooms, support research and provide comfort & care to our patients.