Corporate Opportunities to Partner with St James's Hospital Corporate Opportunities to Partner with St James's Hospital

Companies Supporting St. James’s Hospital

Companies Supporting St. James’s Hospital

St James’s Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Ireland, treating and caring for over 300,000 patients each year. We are a public hospital and excellence in patient care is our primary focus.


St James’s Hospital’s fundamental purpose is the delivery of health treatment, care and diagnosis as well as health promotion and preventative services. The hospital aspires to meet the highest possible standards and levels of efficiency, effectiveness and quality in all our endeavours.


St James’s Hospital is the largest teaching hospital in Ireland and is the major teaching partner of Trinity College Dublin. Our students are very much part of St James’s Hospital and their education and training is represents are commitment to our shared future for healthcare in Ireland.


Our Foundation works with the hospital and its partners to transform patient care in securing further investment in our key priority areas. Find out more here. Your will bring benefits to not only people in Dublin but further across Ireland due to St. James’s Hospital’s national reach and its lead position in the Dublin-Midlands Hospital Group. With the development of the new National Children’s Hospital on our site, and emerging plans for significant advancement in caring for cancer patients, St. James’s Hospital will be at the centre of our health service in Ireland. Your investment would be part of our ambitions to achieve exceptional outcomes for our patients.


Ways of Partnering with Us


There is a range of ways available for companies to partner with St James’s Hospital. You might find one or perhaps a combination of the approaches outlined below as the best way to support your objectives for both CSR as well as staff engagement and team building. Whatever you decide to do, we will create a dedicated package for you, and ensure that we have a productive and successful partnership which can have a great impact for both St James’s hospital and your business. Please contact Clodagh Memery at clodagh@supportstjames.ie or telephone on 087 376 8796 who would be delighted to speak to you.