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BRAVE Appeal launched

On 26th October 2016, Breast Care at St. James’s Hospital launched the Brave Appeal.


The Breast Care Unit at St James’s hospital provides a high-risk screening breast clinic to women at increased risk of breast cancer either due to family history or other high risk factors.


Brave is the only Fundraising Campaign in Ireland dedicated to improving resources available in Ireland to individuals at high risk of developing breast cancer, whether due to their status as a BRCA gene mutation carrier, or due to their strong family history in a gene test-negative setting, or due to previous radiation exposure.


The High-Risk Breast Cancer Surveillance Programme at St. James’s Hospital assesses an average of 1,800 patients per year. In 2015, our cancer detection rate in this group was 9.4 per 1,000, significantly higher than that of Breast Check.


Dr Elizabeth Connolly, Consultant Breast Surgeon, stated that “St James’s Hospital runs the largest high risk breast cancer surveillance clinic in Ireland. The BRAVE campaign is all about supporting these women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer. With BRAVE, we aim to increase awareness and help these women manage their risk through clinical and genetic assessment, counselling, surveillance, research and risk reduction. These women are BRAVE and we need your help to reduce their chances of getting breast cancer by supporting the BRAVE campaign.”


Mr Terence Boyle, Consultant Breast Surgeon, Clinical Lead – Breast Care, said that “the Brave Fundraising Initiative seeks donations to enhance our existing High-Risk Breast Cancer Surveillance Programme. We aim to develop new initiatives in the areas of translational research, diagnostics, database management and clinical assessment and support for individuals and families with a high lifetime risk versus the population for the development of breast cancer.


Dr David Gallagher, Consultant Medical Oncologist & Medical Geneticist, National Clinical Lead in Cancer Genetics, stated that “the Cancer Genetics Programme at St. James’s Hospital will consolidate further our strong links with the High-Risk Breast Cancer Programme through this Brave Fundraising initiative. Our research may ultimately contribute to the identification of as yet unknown genetic mutations or other risk factors.”

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